B. Runge Bio
Canadian born, Barbara Runge is committed to the study of the language and mystery of art. She believes that through the exploration of art we can begin to perceive harmony and in turn feel harmony within ourselves. Barbara paints with acrylic and oil, and continues to work in several directions as she explores the images that make up life in all its diversity. Her projects have explored the romantic settings of Tuscany, and the quaint street-side cafes and markets of France. She has continued to explore her fascination of the abstract image, which has led to many fine paintings in her Contemporary Series. Her techniques are as varied as her subject matter, as evidenced in the Music Series that incorporates oil, acrylic, and collaged sheet music. Most recently Barbara has begun to work in a style reminiscent of the Renaissance Masters while creating a series of historical religious portraits. Her art is exhibited and collected nationally and internationally. Exhibitions include: Elizabeth Edwards Fine Art, Laguna Beach, CA, Wyndham Belage Hotel, West Hollywood, CA, Carfax Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa and Wilde Heart Gallerie, Carmel Valley, CA.

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